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What My Builders Are Up To: New Teles!

These Teles, plus a nice pine Strat, are all getting put together by Jay W. He built a beautiful obeche Tele awhile back, and he says it has become his favorite guitar!

All three bodies came from Clearfork at the summer guitar show. Today, as you can see, was all about drilling ferrule holes, and talking about pickup and hardware options, plus a few finish ideas.

I am building a Tele with a spruce body, and thinking about using Stew-Mac’s Colortone dye to get a nice Gretsch orange. They have a great line of guitar colors that can be blended with water or alcohol, or added to lacquer for spraying. I haven’t decided if I’ll try mixing the color with Tru-Oil and apply it that way, or if I’ll use an alcohol or water solution. Much to learn!