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Two Teles, Part 4

I took the finished pine body to my buddy Joe’s shop, since he has both a drill press and the chops to use it. We were busy and didn’t take many photos, but got all the holes in the right places. Our ferrule holes (where the strings are loaded from the back of the guitar) are pretty good, at least as good as Fender’s on many days! Clearfork’s bodies have guide holes drilled halfway through for the neck pocket screws and the string holes, as well as the the screw holes for mounting the bridge. Everything is in exactly the right spot. No tricky measuring required.

I finished the neck with Tru-Oil, and once again got a great result. You’ll see in the next post that Tru-Oil is not as yellow on the maple as it appears on the pine. And all my other parts are finally here! Time to pick up the pace a bit.