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Two Teles, Part 13

Finishing touches! The electronics are wired and working, and the bridge is screwed down and dialed in. Specs for this one include Bill Lawrence Micro-Coils with a four-way switch, with the bridge pickup sitting in a Glendale bridge with one aluminum and two brass saddles. The four-way gives me bridge/both in parallel/neck/both in series. The pickups are not RW/RP but are pretty quiet anyway. Great string-to-string balance, and good balance between the two pickups. The adjustable polepiece screws help a lot. Not standard Tele pickup construction but these thing sound great, are loud and are fun to play.

No significance to the red chicken-head tone knob, except that I like how it looks and it makes people wonder. Both guitars have one now. Actually it makes it easier to set the tone just where you want it, nice because I use my tone control a lot.

Sound clips will follow…

Then, just to finish off this project, a few glamor shots. Those who are really looking might notice I’ve already swapped pickups in both guitars. The Esquire has a Duncan BG1400 in it now (kind of a Tele bridge times 10 and dead quiet) and the Tele has a set of Jimmy Wallace’s ’50’s Tele pickups now. Playing a bunch will tell me what will stick.