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Time for Fall Jam Camp!

Jam campers!After all of our successful summer sessions, we’re moving into the fall with the first camp scheduled for Sunday, September 22. Sessions will be at 1:30 and 3:30. I’ve put together a ’70s roundup this time, and we’ll do Amie, Mr. Bojangles, and Sister Golden Hair. If you are interested, please e-mail me at JayScottGuitar@gmail.com.

My fee per player is $25. This is really a coached jam and group lesson, and not just an unstructured jam. The emphasis is on sharpening your playing skills in a group setting. Everyone gets the three assigned songs together, using the song sheets I provide ahead of time, and comes in to camp ready to play through them. It’s NOT a band practice, though, so we don’t care about all the licks and details. All the players get to contribute in any way that’s comfortable, and no one should feel pressured to deliver a perfect performance.

We had a lot of fun at jam camp this summer! I’m hoping to see a lot of returning jammers, as well as some new faces. Don’t be left out! See you on the 22nd.