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The Orange Tele Reveal!

Okay, it looks pretty red here. More orange in person. Whatever, I think it’s COOL and am very happy with how it came out!

Some details: Wilkinson compensated bridge (my favorite cheap bridge), Fender metal parts and pickguard, Rob DiStefano’s killer Cavalier pickups (the Nashville Lion bridge, and the Lioness in the neck), RS Guitarworks pots, an Electrosocket (always!) for the jack, and a .033 mfd Sprague Vitamin Q tone cap. As usual, there’s an Allparts neck with vintage-style tuners and a bone nut.

For those who have bothered to keep up, the body is a single piece of spruce, from a huge tree felled in a storm, and harvested by Larry Robinson. The grain goes every which way, and made finishing a challenge. That’s on top of figuring out a little about how to dye the body. This is the lightest guitar I’ve put together so far, plenty of snap and twang. I’m liking it!