I’ve been taking lessons with Jay for over 3 years. He is always energetic, thorough in explanations (with great analogies), and has tremendous experience in all styles of playing. After every lesson I’m inspired to play more!   Christian, 16

Jay started to teach my daughter guitar when she was 8. I was worried she wouldn’t stick with it but the way Jay teaches kids makes them WANT to play. He started the first lesson teaching her a song. This way she wasn’t bored with notes and learning. Little did she know she was learning but having fun doing it.

Now two years later she plays everything from AC/DC to the Beach Boys and everything in between. If it wasn’t for Jay’s patience and unique way of teaching kids I know she never would have stuck with it! I couldn’t ask for a better teacher for her. Thanks!   Cassy

I played the guitar through college but stopped after getting married and starting a family. With little spare time on my hands, my old guitar became a mere decoration in my living room.

Thirty years later, with some new-discovered freedom, I decided to start playing again, but felt I needed some changes in my approach. The first change was a quality guitar. The second was a quality teacher who could help me be a better musician.

I was introduced to Jay Scott through the West Chester Music store, where I had just purchased a new Taylor guitar. I have now been working with Jay for a year and a half and I am very satisfied with our progress.

At our very first meeting, I described my guitar history for Jay. Specifically how my skills had hit a plateau, causing me to lose interest. Jay started our first lesson by listening and understanding my goals. He then outlined a plan, that we still follow, to help me become the guitarist I always wanted to be.

Although we have not yet reached my elusive final goals (after all, there is only one Eric Clapton), I can say that Jay’s plan has been successful in guiding me to be a better guitarist today than any time in my past.

I look forward to continuing my work with Jay.   Hank, 52

About eight months ago I decided to try a new hobby. I have always enjoyed the bass sound in all the songs I have listened to. Classic rock to Motown, R&B, the sound of the bass guitar always drew my attention.

I was referred to Jay from West Chester Music. My expectations were modest, however when Jay broke it down for me, all of a sudden I began to believe I really could play the bass guitar and with confidence.

In my opinion there are a lot of great musicians out there but few great teachers. Jay Scott is both!!! Thanks Jay!    Jim, 49

When I started with Jay, I was an “I play guitar = I own a guitar” kind of guy. Sure, I knew parts to a few songs, but I was hard-pressed to find many I knew from beginning to end. The bottom-line was I needed direction.

Jay provides all of that and more. He asks what and how you like to play, and he tailors your program to YOU. What a novel idea.

Jay is also a master of analogies. He can take ANY concept of playing guitar and relate it to something more common so his students can really grasp what he is talking about.

Of course it’s a two-way street. Jay can provide all of the tools you need (and he does), but you have to do the work. And quite honestly, most weeks I come home inspired and itching to play what I just learned.

In the 1.5 years that I’ve been working with Jay, I definitely feel like I have improved, and my friends and family have noticed as well.

If you really want to learn guitar the right way, there’s no other guy to go to in my opinion than Jay.    Tom, 24

I am a “senior citizen” and I’ve been taking lessons from Jay for 3 years. I chose him because he is very patient and understanding of my limitations, but had me playing simple tunes within a few weeks time.

He taught me to use different fingers when arthritis prevented the better ones from making a chord. He has shown me that age and joint problems can be overcome to make a good sound on the guitar.

I am now learning more strums, more difficult chords, etc. I enjoy my lessons and am excited to be able to play sing-alongs for shut-ins in nursing homes.    Peg

My son started guitar at the age of 14. Jay made it look fun so I came on board as a beginner at 48. That was four years ago and it is still fun. Jay’s vast knowledge of all genres of music allows a shift from blues to rock to jazz, and how they are all interrelated. With the continuing discovery of new music, techniques, and styles, I am sure I will be playing until one of us retires.  Paul, 52

I have worked with other guitar teachers but no one has helped me understand the guitar like Jay has. Jay Scott has this amazing gift for the guitar. He has led me to discover the guitar in so many ways. Not only is his guitar skill impressive but also the way he teaches is phenomenal. He helps me understand ways of playing the guitar using songs that interest me. Some subjects may seem boring, such as scales; he makes it fun and interesting. He has helped me improve so much in the past few months and I am so grateful to have him as a teacher.   Nicole, 14

I’ve been taking lessons with Jay for 4 years. Jay’s ability to instruct guitar players of all skill levels is amazing. He has the patience and insight to guide each student through learning new techniques and playing styles.

Jay’s knowledge of music theory almost seems to be without limit, and his ability to break down a song into digestible pieces is a huge advantage for the student.
Thank you, Jay!    Michael, 45

I took up the guitar relatively late in life having always wanted to play.  I had purchased an acoustic  guitar a few years ago and picked up a few things on my own but wasn’t getting very far.  I decided to finally take the plunge, get more serious about learning and take lessons.  I consider myself very lucky to have found the perfect teacher in Jay Scott.

When I look back over the last year and a half I’m amazed at how much ground was covered and how much I’ve learned; much more than I could have imagined when I first started.  Not only is Jay an expert fingerstyle player himself (my preferred style) but he has that unusual ability to also explain and relay his knowledge and considerable experience in a relaxed style making it more fun to learn.

Besides learning to play a large variety of great music, Jay has really helped me learn how to approach and tackle any piece — including handling the most difficult passages, learning the special techniques, figuring out the best finger alternatives and understanding the rhythms.  Jay often adds color to the lessons by listening to the original recordings and talking about the composer’s intent and techniques.  I’ve gained a great appreciation for fingerstyle innovators from the past and present which itself has been both fun and inspiring.

I can highly recommend Jay to anyone who wants to become a better guitar player and appreciates a professional player who can also really teach, is flexible, patient and will structure a program path to meet your needs and interests.   Andy, 55.

I have been taking guitar lessons from Jay for over 2 years. Jay’s knowledge of the guitar and the music industry are tremendous, and he is an excellent player and teacher. Even though I have played the guitar since I was 14, with Jay’s help I have made tremendous improvements as a player. In the last two years, I have grown as a solo performer and I am enjoying playing open mic nights, house concerts, and corporate events.   Mark, 44

I’d never taken music lessons prior to walking into Jay’s studio in April 2011. I really had no idea what to expect as a (approaching!) middle-age professional with all kinds of demands on my time, but I had a determination to “do something for me” in trying to learn guitar. Nearly two years later, I can honestly say that my weekly half hour lesson is one of the things I most look forward to week-in and week-out.

First thing you need to know is that you probably won’t find ANYONE with a deeper or more diverse knowledge of music and the guitar than possessed by Jay. As one of his students this means there’s really nowhere I can’t go with my interest in learning guitar. Classic rock, blues, roots, jazz, country, etc. etc….Jay can take you there. Seems to me his approach is adapted very well to the interests of the student, both as to the music interest and the pace of learning.

Studying under Jay has allowed me to learn and grow as a player beyond what I could have hoped for two years ago. I feel very fortunate to have the opportunity to work with Jay!   Rick, 48