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Tele and Esquire Soundclips

Here are the first clips from my Tele build project. Both were recorded with a Yeti mic into Pro Tools. I used my Alessandro Working Dog amp, set clean. The reverb is from the amp. No FX were used in mixing. It’s basically a few minutes of me noodling in E, but should give you an idea of how the guitars came out.

For the tech-minded: the swamp ash Tele has Bill Lawrence Micro-Coils, wired to a 4-way switch: bridge/both parallel/neck/both series. The pine Esquire has an actual ’50s bridge pickup in it, and is wired 3-way: bridge with no tone control/bridge with tone control (nice for pre-setting a tone change)/”cocked wah”, also known as the Mike Eldred mod.

I’ll follow up with some clips with overdrive tones, but I figured clean sounds would say the most about the guitars for starters.