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Summer Philly Guitar Show, June 27-28, 2015

I spent most of my time at the show at Larry Robinson’s booth, Clearfork Designs. You may already know about my personal guitar and bass building adventures, and the builders I help with their own instruments. I always recommend Larry’s amazing products for these projects. Top notch quality, very fair pricing, and he’s a pleasure to do business with. Great stuff all the way around!

Jody is shown holding the beautiful fretless bass she and I built. There’s a whole blog post here with details, so please check that out. Her bass has attracted quite a bit of interest, so she brought it along to show Larry. Here we are: me dead on my feet, Jody proud, as she should be, and Larry, likewise a little fatigued. But I’m glad we had the chance to get this picture.

I met a lot of people, and talked about the builds we’ve done. And I picked up a stack of bodies for myself. Larry does a tremendous amount of business on the the wholesale level, so I’ve found the best way for my builders to get what they want is at the guitar shows. That doesn’t work for everyone, though, so I selected a small stock of Tele bodies in spruce, pine, and obeche. I hope these will make it possible for people who couldn’t get to the show to see what we work with, and maybe find a body they want to build with. I’ll post a photo of the bodies tomorrow. Right now they are still bundled up in the car, and I am too tired to walk out and bring them in.

It will be worth the short wait!