Way back in late 1996 I released a CD entitled Miranda’s Waltz, made up of fifteen solo fingerpicking guitar pieces. Twelve of them were tunes I wrote, and three were arrangements I worked out from tunes in the public domain. My efforts met with a gratifyingly positive response here at home, in the folk/acoustic music press, and on national radio. I did a little touring and sold some disks.

I began writing tunes for the follow-up right away, and really like what I have. To date, I haven’t made the actual recording and suspect that any supporters I had won over have long since given up on ever hearing anything new from me.  Apologies for that, and rest assured it will happen. Life gets in the way, and the solo thing is something I do mainly to scratch a particular creative itch. I don’t make my living performing, desiring not to become a stranger to my wife and kids, and so the work I can make a living at gets priority. That said, I recently started polishing the tunes up and hope to start recording this summer. Fingerstyle guitar is big fun!

You can hear samples from Miranda’s Waltz below. If you’d like to buy a copy of the CD, I have a few left. Send me an e-mail and we will figure out how to get one to you. I have transcriptions available for some of the pieces as well; contact me for info.