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June 2014 Jam Camp: Our One Year Anniversary!

Yep, we’ve been at it for a full year! The program keeps evolving and, in its current plugged-in, playing-the-blues phase, is more fun and inspiring than ever. Thanks to everyone who has been a part of it so far! I hope we can grow the family of jam campers even moreĀ in the next year.

This month’s focus will be to revisit the six blues tunes we played in the April and May camps. The consensus is that there’s much more to discover in this material, so rather than just lengthen our song lists, we’re going to dig a lot deeper and see what new ideas we can find.

We’ll meet Saturday, June 14th and/or Sunday the 15th. Check back for exact times as all that falls into place. I have made a few changes: again, the consensus is that having fewer players in each session offers a better experience (more chances to play!), so I’ll limit each group to three (plus me). As a result, the price per player is going up to $35. Still a screaming deal for 75 minutes of very small group coaching and instruction, with song sheets provided. Join us, we’re having fun!