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Jam Camp Rolls Into Winter With Bob Dylan

Our next sessions will be held Sunday, November 17, at the West Chester Music teaching studio. We’ll meet at 1:30 and 3:30, and will be playing through three or four Dylan tunes this time. Song sheets are done and will be sent as PDFs to those who sign up.

Total enrollment is limited to eight players, four per session. The sessions last about 75 minutes, are acoustic only, and cost $25 per person. This is not an open jam session! It’s really a coached group lesson, designed to help you build the skills you’ll need to play easily and enjoyably with other people.
We stress thorough song preparation, active listening, and being able to adapt to the group you are playing with. Short version: it’s way more fun when you know what you’re doing, and my jam camps will help get you there. Join us!

Contact me anytime through the site, or at jayscottguitar@gmail.com. Thanks!