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Jam Camp 2014 Starts in February With The Beatles!

After taking a month off to get my Telecaster building course together and launched, I’m getting Jam Camp back on track with the Beatles. We’ll work up I Want To Hold Your Hand, A Hard Day’s Night (with the opening chord played correctly!), and Ticket To Ride.

If you’ve played these tunes before, you know they work great and are fun to hear even when they aren’t done note-for-note. For anyone who cares to dig further, they’re full of little details and parts that really make a difference. Every song is a complete seminar in writing and arranging. Can’t beat that.

We’ll meet on Saturday this time, either the 15th or 22nd (watch this space) at 3:15. Sessions always run about 75 minutes. I’ll run two sessions if there’s enough interest. Song sheets are done. Since this is really a small class (I call it a coached jam), there is a charge of $25 a head. Enrollment is limited to 4 or 5 players per jam.

Full details are on the website under the “Jam Camp” heading. Don’t hesitate to get in touch at jayscottguitar@gmail.com if you have questions. You can also use the site’s contact form. Hope to see you there!