Jay Scott Guitar

Private guitar and bass lessons, jam camps, guitar building and repairs in West Chester, PA

HEY! I Have A YouTube Channel!

Sign on to YouTube, and enter “Jay Scott Guitar” in the search window. You’ll see my black and white promo photo (above, from the days when I needed one) at the top of the list. Click on that, and you’ll be taken right to the page for my channel.

The videos are mainly guitar playing tips and lessons, some basic and some more advanced, in a variety of techniques. There are also prep videos for my Jam Campers, but those may also have some useful stuff for you even if you can’t come to my jams.

I’ve posted 16 videos in the last two months, and have plans for many more. I hope you will find things you enjoy and can learn from. Please subscribe, hit “Like”, and comment. Thanks!