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Guitar Building: Orange Tele Update!

This guitar is DONE, but glamor shots are yet to come. As of my last post, I was only two coats into the Tru-Oil application. That became four coats wiped on, and four more sprayed on, until I had what I wanted for the final buffing out.

I wound up letting the body dry for ten days, and then knocking the gloss down with 0000 steel wool. This took away the plastic-looking sheen, and took away the last bits of dust and lint on the surface. This process removes quite a bit of the T-O altogether, which is why I wanted a heavier application before starting.

I then used good old Meguiar’s #7 (the silicone-free variety) and some great microfiber buffing pads to bring up a softer, slightly worn-looking gloss that still allowed plenty of grain pop. I did NOT want to dial back the crazy grain in this spruce body too far! The steel wool and Meguiar’s got me exactly where I wanted. You can see the final gloss in the third and fourth photos above, and it will be on full display once I get the reveal photos done.

Meanwhile, I can tell you the finished guitar looks cool and sounds great…