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Guitar Building: Humbucker Esquire, Part 3!

And this one is done! It has a 22-fret Allparts Strat neck, with TonePros vintage-style tuners and a bone nut. It also has a Gotoh bridge and the world’s biggest volume knob, because the tone is perfect as is! The pickup is a Wagner Iron Man, which is pretty high output and loves to spray pick harmonics. It cleans up very well, too. Not a PAF sound but very playable, with nice, clear response over the full rotation of the volume knob.

Pine (the right piece, that is) can sound amazing. This guitar has loooonnggg acoustic sustain. When the amp kicks in, there’s much more than anyone could ever need. It’s balanced and aggressive, all at the same time. Really fun to play! Kinda one trick, but a very entertaining trick.

The shell pickguard is the same type as the one on the red Bigsby Tele. And don’t they look great side-by-side on stage? Not subtle, and not supposed to be. Sharp-eyed readers will notice the small button on the control plate. It’s a KILLSWITCH, baby, ’cause everybody needs one sometime! FUN.