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Guitar Building: Dyed And Tru-Oiled Boards

These are the maple (on top) and pine boards I wrote about recently. The sections on the far left are not dyed. Since the first post, I taped off the upper half of each section, and wiped on four thin coats of Tru-Oil, which is what I usually use as a topcoat. These boards do a good job of showing the famous T-O “grain pop”, and also the pale amber tone it adds. In the case of the blue dye, you can see how it takes on a greenish cast, while the purple goes a little brown. The unfinished, amber, orange, and red sections each got more intense.

I have built guitars using each of these colors, and the samples give you a pretty good idea of what to expect with these combinations of wood and materials. Check out the Homestead site for more colors and information: http://homesteadfinishingproducts.com/transtint-liquid-dyes/

Fun stuff, and great products!