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April Jam Camp: Electric Blues!

These jams are getting even jammier, and by that I mean we’re improvising more. A lot of jams are about getting together and playing songs, but to me, without the improv element, those aren’t really jams at all. I guess they’re song circles, and definitely a cool and enjoyable form of music-making, but…not really jams. Your mileage may vary, but I’m sticking to my definition.

At the Jam Favorites session in March, we turned a corner in this respect. We played The Weight and Wagon Wheel, two songs which are simple and so wide open that they really invite solos. After talking through how to get the groove and the chord changes tight, we went right around the circle, taking turns soloing, and it went GREAT. Everybody stepped up and went for it! At the end of the session, it was declared to be the Best One Yet.

Some changes were therefore in order. We’re plugging in this time, and we’re playing blues songs. Another important element in a successful jam is the notion of finding common ground between all the players, and I don’t know a better way to do that than playing blues. There’s room for everybody to contribute in any way they can. What could be better?

We’re meeting on Saturday, April 26. The morning session is full, and there is only one slot left at the 4PM session. Dust My Broom, The Thrill Is Gone, and Sittin’ On Top Of The World (done Wolf’s way) are on the menu. General info is here on the site. Someone’s going to grab that last slot, so don’t wait around. It’s time to play!