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A Thing Of Beauty: 1969 Fender P-Bass!

This bass has been owned and gigged hard by my friend Sam for many years, and he takes credit for much, if not all, of the wear you see here. This thing is BEAUTIFUL, with the sort of play wear that some people pay big money for on their otherwise brand-new guitars. Sammy and his bass are here to show them how it’s really done.

This bass is really light, only seven pounds. It needed a neck adjustment in a hurry, and while I had it on the bench, I took these pictures. The body looks like alder to me. The finish is not actually worn through in most places. There’s still an intact layer under the sunburst. You can see the light reflecting off of it. Some of the scratches do go through.

Overall, though, you can see it has NOT been abused. The hardware is clean and working well. The bass plays easily. It isn’t chipped or gouged. Even the original case is intact. It’s just been played a lot. Truly a player’s instrument!