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’51 P-Bass Build, Part 4

Lots of progress, and again I’m letting the pictures tell the story. And again, the Allparts neck fits the Clearfork body perfectly, with absolutely no sanding needed. The electrosocket that holds the jack needs a flat area to rest on, so out came the files and sandpaper. Lining up the neck lets me see that the geometry will work. The wiring harness is sporting a NOS (new old stock) Sprague Black Beauty .05mfd cap in the tone circuit. It’s not a Fender-ish part, but will sound good, and it looks cool.

The nut gets roughed in and the outside strings placed in shallow slots before I drill the holes for the neck screws. The Hipshot tuners were very easy to install, and weigh about a half-pound less than conventional tuners; I don’t want the neck to “dive”. A clearer shot of the clamps that hold the neck in place before I drill the screw holes. And last, the pickup mounting holes are located, and the Barden pickup is ready for installation once they’re drilled.

Click on the pictures to see details. More to come!